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Neutralizing the causes of the withdrawal symptomsn - detoxification,
Pharmacological approach

Being aware of the development of intoxication and abstinence and recognizing the changes they’ve caused, we have to make sure that the syndrome doesn’t progress through its phases.
What we need to do first is to neutralize the cholinergic effects, on the central level and on the peripheral level, as well. The parenteral or oral anticholinergics successfully neutralize all the symptoms of the cholinergic effects (the muscarinic central and peripheral effects) which are evident when observing the patient for the first time (watery eyes, sneezing, anxiety, running nose, stomach cramps).

At the same time, we should start preventing the further development of latter noradrenergic effects. There are two ways of doing this; the direct effects of the alpha 2 adrenergic agonists, or the indirect effects of the GABA B agonists, which inhibit the production of noradrenalin.

As for the painful sensations related to this syndrome, due to the deficit of beta endorphin, among other reasons, they can be successfully removed by using analgetics or antirheumatics, in combination with anticholinergics.
And for insomnia, which is also an effect of this condition, the best way is to use antidepressants, which increase the level of serotonin and have a sedating effect, as using them resolves the problem of insomnia, but also the problem of depression.
The anxiolytic effect is best caused by using small doses of new generation antiepileptics. These drugs are usually sufficient enough to successfully overcome the withdrawal syndrome and to make sure that, after 5-6 days, we can concentrate on seriously dealing with the problem of addiction.
 After the detoxification, administering medicament still has to be coordinated with every change of the level of functioning and the balance of neurotransmitters, and it has to stabilize them.

During the rest of treatment, only those medicaments which selectively affect the sufficit or deficit of certain neurotransmitters and their balance, by hypersensibilizating or hyposensibilizating their receptors, in order to avoid depression, anxiety and craving, which are normal for this phase of early abstinence.

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