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Special Hospital for Alcohol and Drug Dependence “ Dr Boro Lazic”

”It Could Be Your Child Too”

”Could anyone presume, when he full of joy and trepidation, took him to the first class to school in a brand new suit and with the first schoolbag, that some day in the future, that little creature tidily combed with mother’s joy tears or grandma’s wishes tied in pigtails, will lie down on the floor of some public toilet with blooded arm with the syringe in it, after the last scene of the movie that calls life. Nobody could presume it, but unfortunately many experienced it.”


     The expert team of Special clinic for addiction diseases has written the book designed for both parents and children, with the accent on prevention addiction disease goal, in the first place drug abuse. During writing the book we used our experiences with addicts treated in our hospital as well as the experiences of others, highly professional institutions from the world, the institutions we cooperate with.

     The book is called ”It could be your child too” and the title entirely fits in the essence of the emergence and the development of the disease. Anyone’s child could become the addict anytime, the disease does not choose, and the nowadays challenges the children are exposed to also imply the drugs abuse.

    We are assured that it can be made the influence on the disease emergence as well as that it can be prevented. It might be achieved by professional and correct both children and parents education. Only correct child attitude toward drugs, which is shaped round the family, gives child the strength to say NO to the drugs in the crucial moment.

    The book we wrote is an educative textbook with 426 pages, which will surely help children, to form that attitude very early. It includes confessions of treated addicts and also all modern scientific cognitions regarding to drugs and addiction diseases as well as the illustrations and pictures which confirm these. There are two tests as a part of the book, first is to state the child has the drug problem at the moment, and the other is to determine the predisposition of a child for drugs experimenting in general.

   The program for addiction treatment in our clinic is also a part of the book. There is also evidence that healing is possible and without fail by the applying treatment program of our hospital as well as confessions of patients who successfully finished our treatment program. The book is very attractive and interesting.

    Most parents gravely minimize the drugs presence in their children’s lives and most of them are very sure that their child would never taste the drugs. We must not forget that many children already did it.

   Most parents will never either think that their child might become an addict one day in the future. By the time they realized that it happened to them anyway they do not want to believe it, they are scared and fulfilled with the guilty feeling. ”I am guilty for everything I did not succeed as a parent.” It is the most common but at the same time partially the true statement. It must be considered that the child is the part of the family at the moment he makes decision to taste drug for the first time!

   Unfortunately it is too late for many of them! In the last three years in Serbia more than 1000 young girls and boys ages between 17 and 25 has passed away because of drugs abuses.
The evidence the parents are not careful is the example of one mother who described her first reaction when doctors told that her son has died because of heroin overdose. ” I am positive that my son has never tasted the drugs, the heroin no way”. She threatened to process toward the hospital stuff because they even thought that her son was on the drugs.

What can You do to be sure that you or your close friend will never be called and told something like this?

”This might be your child too”

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